Moch Lutfi

Software Engineer

I am a full-time software engineer and father, and a good mentor wannabe. I am interested in developer experience and backend problems. However, in the past three years, I have worked as a software engineer on an infrastructure team, and have become a devops engineer. I work best in small teams of 3-5 people, but am also able to work with large teams or collaborate with the entire organization. If you'd like to talk about work, collaboration, or just say hello, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @kaptenupi.

I have experience with C# (desktop programming only) from university and my previous company, Magicsoft Asia Systems. I have also used Python to build single page applications with technologies such as BackboneJS, MongoDB, HTML5, and Underscore. More recently, I have become a fullstack developer using Golang as my main tool, while still using my old frontend tools. In addition to MongoDB, I have also worked with Redis, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, and ZeroMQ. I have worked on projects involving medical and GIS technology, and have also created Android applications as part of previous assignments. However, if I were to create mobile apps now, I would need to learn a lot to catch up with current technology.

At my current job, KBSE, I use ASP.Net Core and Golang as my main tools, and VueJS for the frontend. From early 2018 until December 2021, I worked as a software engineer at Bukalapak, starting as a product engineer, then moving to the Core Developer Experience squad, and finally becoming a senior devops engineer on the Deployment Tooling Team.

As of the end of 2021, I have moved on to work at feedloop.io as a Principal Engineer. With my team, we are building a SAAS platform to manage multiple low code platform projects. My role includes leading a team of three people, designing the architecture, building the backend system, and orchestrating Kubernetes to simplify deployment and provisioning on the SAAS platform. I mostly use NodeJS-related technologies such as NextJS, CDK8S, TypeScript, Kubernetes, and Go. While things didn't go smoothly at first, after some iteration we were able to complete the SAAS platform with automatic provisioning of resources and deployment. All resources and deployments are now automated, and most of the automation was built by me in my spare time to reduce repetitive and boring tasks.

If you curious why this site called lumochift, that's from anagram of my name mochlutfi -> mo-ch-lu-tfi -> mo-ch-lu-ift -> taraa lumochift. Just try it out here

If you have any question or maybe give me a job just mail to lumochift[at]gmail.com