I am part time programmer and fulltime father. Rockstart developer wannabe.

I’ve experienced with C# (desktop programming only) since in university and from my last company Magicsoft Asia Systems. And also some python to build SPA(single page application) with backbonejs,mongodb,html5, underscore then continue as fullstack developer with new weapon golang but still using old frontend weapon. Only using mongodb? Of course not, beside mongodb also use redis, postgresql as companion and using rabbitmq, zeromq as messaging system. Past project related to medical and GIS technology, create android application was a part of assignment on previous work but if must create mobile apps need many things to learn to catching up with current technology.

In the KBSE I’m working using ASP.Net Core and golang as main weapon. For the frontend I pick Vuejs and friends as main weapon.

Now I’m work as Software Engineer at Somewhere. haha…

If you curious why this site called lumochift, that’s from anagram of my name mochlutfi -> mo-ch-lu-tfi -> mo-ch-lu-ift -> taraa lumochift.

If you have any question or maybe give me a job just mail to kapten.lufi[at]gmail.com