Am I Lost?

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I’m proud to be software engineer, programmer, code saint, or whatever you call it :smile:. Do you know before I choose Computer Science degree I don’t know what the hell Computer Science is. Here the short history about path of my adventure of code. :p

In this era I don’t know what I’m doing and I hate enter Junior High School 1 Malang because I wanted to enter another school. Every day just went to school, learn, play, and made some trouble. Just some trouble, not so many I think. haha… I still remember the day I was touch the computer, yeah MS-DOS. Use it like hacker and I always remember the fun moment when I’m trying execute command del *.* on MS-DOS then everything going dark.

After that great experiment I’m afraid to explore that black thing again. Beside of that, I don’t like computer stuff because pricey thing that I couldn’t afford to buy it. Do you know I hate Mathemathic subject and love learn biology. This arch doesn’t have good memories for me. Everything so flat and had bad memory with MS-DOS.

In previous arch so boring huh. My real life begin in this arch, first time of my life I love learning accounting. What? Really? Accounting? Yes, beside physics and chemistry. But that’s not long story, everything turn 180 degree after my class move near computer laboratory. Everyday I always in the lab, yes just play game. That era counter strike is the one of fenomemal game beside the starcraft. And I had computer at second year life on my senior high school life, the fact still not change every day always playing game. After that I choose computer science degree in Brawijaya University because the campus location near with my home. But the decision about really went to college was after I failed in selection to join Navy Academy.

YES, final arch. Welcome to Mathemathic Major, eh. Math? What? I hate math, but this is the path I choose, I must survive. At my first year I meet C++ world, and piss off with pointer. I’m mastered C++? not yet mastered just know it. Then the second year meet java and also with another mathematics subject such as algebra, linear algebra, numerical method, operation research, statistics, automata, and etc. Haha… If you hate mathematics like me, you have two choice: learn how to love it maybe at least hardwork to learn it or leave. :p

Back to java story, start from C++ is easy to print out to screen just cout<<"bla bla bla"; but java have more complex for IO. But it just story of my first week meet the java, everyday going a good day with java until my last year in college. C# invasion, I can’t avoid because easy and better than java (IMHO). I finish my application for my final year project just in 2 weeks, but I learn to solve my the problem for 6 months. And my story of undergraduate arch closed with C# as main language to do programming stuff.

null pointer exception

There is bonus arch, the short story as a programmer. Start as C# programmer with first project interfacing microcontroller, then medical software. One year with C# then intensive using python with tornado package to build website and using backbonejs as front end scripting. Only just one year also, and now still using Golang as main programming language. Such a long, boring story about my adventure.

At first hate math then end up with the same condition. Now I’m realized I’m not lost to choose computer science. And for everyone who decide join the hellish world that I choose. Two message for you, just love what you do and never give up. All programmer around the world will be your best friend don’t forget them. I love you all. :p